Saturday, June 09, 2012

More eight.

While the football has been  on I've been drawing at my computer.I used Inktense bars and an aqua brush.They are great to use ,as once dry they are waterproof so you can work over them,they also work on fabrics.I chose a variety of patterns and colours from my photos that appealed.                               

The colours which make an appearance both in the birds and the surroundings are predominately russet,brown,cream,orange and yellow,with touches of grey,teal and blue.The discordant colour comes from the flamingoes!

Two reworked paper samples using coloured papers made using my Gelli plate.It's great to use and I stumbled across this site which has lots of ideas for it,so much playing in store!





These are my colour interpretations of my paper "words".I haven't redone flutter as it's very similar to shriek when I looked at it again.I dislike boom,and am not too happy with shriek.



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