Saturday, June 16, 2012

E.G workshop.

I have just come back from spending the day doing a workshop run by Fay Maxwell.She came to our Guild last evening and gave a talk as well as showing her work.She's a real bundle of energy and creates so many pieces.
  Anyway today we did a workshop she titled "Bristol Shoreline".She had shown her long and short stitch slips and how she incorporates them into pieces of embroidery.We didn't have a go at these slips but could use some "already prepared "to put into our pieces.I haven't shown them in my photo as I was more interested in the other ideas using blanket felt,wool and perles.The photo shows the top corner of a larger piece ,what it will morp into as yet undecided.

It was actually good to work with colours I would not normally gravitate toward,and once again it was hand stitching!We used a hoop which I put up the wrong way as I normally use one for free machine embroidery.

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JaneO said...

OOps how did the hoop work upside down? Nothing like some handstitching therapy and now the sun is shining, just perfect.