Saturday, July 14, 2012

Urchfont .July 2012

I spent Sunday to Wednesday at Urchfont Manor with other Distant Stitchers.I chose to do a workshop with Sandra Meech,though I would also have quite liked to do Dawn Thorne’s workshop .

We had a very full-on few days as usual ,cramming a lot in.We spent some time making books and creating collages to stitch.The books were made from papers coloured with Brusho,our own photos ,fabrics created with print and bondaweb.The books are meant to be our own inspirations and are far from finished but we used a great many techniques and ideas that will continue to be useful.

sm1 sm2 sm3 sm5 sm4 sm6 sm7 sm8 sm9 sm10

We created “signatures” which were made from our Brusho papers,photos,tracing and fabrics.These were woven together at the spine to create the book.I added some paper beads made from the papers.

We then worked into the pages in a variety of ways.My photos show some of my pages but there are lots to be worked into.

We also created collages and transfer printed them to cotton to work into with stitch ,papers etc.

sm11 sm12 sm13 sm14

On the left you can see how I have begun to add stitch ,papers and fabrics to my print.The middle is created from Brusho papers,photos and writings.Those on the right are some acrylic painted Bondaweb.

We had a very busy time as Sandra works at quite a speed,my head was spinning  trying to assimulate all the ideas she was putting out and trying to keep up !

It was lovely to meet up with old and new Distant Stitchers but very sad that that this would be the last occasion to meet at Urchfont.I hope that the lovely staff ,who looked after us so well,all manage to find alternative jobs or to go on to choose something else.


FOXTROT said...

Yes, it was really good to meet up again. Good too to be back home, unpack and have time to think about all the ideas we tried out.

Fibrenell said...

That looks great fun, Jen. Thanks for uploading your photos here.

Trollman said...

Jenn these are awesome. I love rust and metallic surfaces, there are some lovely surfaces near th M shed. Do you know the photographic work of Dominic Hewitt, he creates beautiful colours? You should also check out this blog:

Max the Lobster said...

It was good to see you again Jenn, the Devore fabric from Whaleys was a Poly/Viscose Hazelwood (150cm). Hope you have fun if you get to use it.

sharon young said...

Looks as if you had an amazingly productive few days, some lovely inspirational work has come out of it, I've wanted to do a workshop with Sandra Meach for years, I love her books and she seems a really nice person, having met her at Birmingham once.

carrie donohoe said...

These are loely Jenn. I reall love the fourth one down on left. Did you achieve this by cutting out shapes and sticking them on opposing pages.
B'ful effect!