Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colouring papers.

My least favourite activity but it has to be done .I got out the Brusho and some cartridge,wet strength tissue and some odd tissue from shoeboxes.I thought it might be cooler down in my workroom,it was for about 10 minutes!

I used a sponge brush,a plastic tube,a bamboo pen and scrunched paper to texture the surface.I also pleated ,squashed and scrunched some of the papers.



I tried to keep to the sort of colours observed at Slimbridge.I decided to work into some of the papers using rubbings with Inktense bars and solid water colour bars.I used some home made print blocks,textured lace and corrugated card.

despap7 despap8

In addition I have some A4 acetate that I printed  and painted onto.

despap5 despap6

Next I began to think about  the three designs to translate.I started to play with one based on “dip”.


The original colour translation is on the left.The one on the right is only placed,not stuck down,as I wanted to leave it and come back to before committing .  



sharon young said...

You've created an exciting colour pallet, and I really
like the last pic it's got lots of potential.

Catherine said...

I love the colours and textures you have created.