Thursday, July 19, 2012

More playing .


I decided to try  printing onto acetate with thermofax screens.I used acrylic mixed with wallpaper paste.It was okay but still a bit runny.I think just acrylic might be okay.I also drew some bird shapes, from my drawings , onto acetate sheet then free machined with a longer stitch .It worked well as I made several passes to cover over the permanent marker.I thought it might perforate but I was pleased to find it didn’t.I also added stitch to some of the printed acetate.I tried a print onto some organza but this was unsuccessful.


I played around with layering the various pieces.


stitched bird,stitched print behind


Stitched print in front of some silk paper


print at back ,bird in middle stitched print in front.


silk paper behind,stitched bird in front.

All of these were just held up against the light to see the possible effect.I have received the silk/viscose fabric for devore but am still waiting on the paste.


Viv Estill said...

These look great Jenn

sharon young said...

Love the layers of texture in these pieces they really convey a watery marsh feel. I'm fascinated by the thermofax screens I was tempted at K&S last year, think I'll have to get a starter pack.

ferinn said...

Thanks for the encouraging comments.Thermofax screens are very easy,they also allow for great fine detail.

Daniela Maschera said...

I'm loving all your experiments and am very curious of how all this is going to develop into your work