Tuesday, August 14, 2012



I have been thinking  things over then spent some time yesterday playing with some of my thoughts for samples.This first sample is organza doubled ,then I applied some machined cords and some free-machined zigzag.

desamp1 desamp2 1. 

 These next two are also done on organza,the one on the left (2)is single layer with free-machine stitching in variegated thread. 

The one on the right (3)is loosely pleated and free-machined as above.












This one(4) was some silk paper cut into loose long shapes before being trapped in watersoluble.I then free-machined over the top adding some metallic threads as well as cable stitching with thicker threads.


desamp5 5

Again I used water-soluble for 5,but this time I trapped lots of loose thread ends before free-machining with lots of ellipses.

I think they are all quite transparent and give the kind of effect I wanted but I am not sure they will work in layers together.I tried putting some of them together to see the effect.

desamp6 6 This is 4 with 1 overlaid.

desamp7 7 This is 4 with 3 overlaid.

desamp8 8 This is 4 with 2 and 1overlaid.

I have a lot more sampling to do but these have helped to clarify that I will need some opaque areas and a darker background.

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Catherine said...

Some lovely effects - so interesting how much depth there is when you layer them.