Sunday, August 19, 2012

Plodding along.

 I have been continuing with my samples for transparency,and trying them layered to attempt to work out how the eventual hanging might resolve.I am coming to the conclusion that I may limit it to two layers ,anymore and you lose the definition.I also think that I may make the front layer of strips ,as the movement would allow glimpses of what lies beneath.This first image is my devore sample.I used a thermofax screen I’d used earlier in the module to print some fabric.
devo1I also used it to try some procion dyes thickened with manutex.I used red ,yellow and blue and printed randomly.
devo2 devo5 The last example is the devore sample placed over a coloured fabric against the light.

devo3I next tried some acetate sheet and gathered a strip of organza before stitching to it.The middle was the same but with additional f.m.e.The one on the right was some crinkle silk chiffon ,it was pressed into random darts before being encased in cling film and stitched, then pressed with an iron.

This next one was stitched to a print on acetate and then the edges were cut
For this sample I took some organza and bonded it to bondaweb.I then cut shapes and ironed them to another piece of organza.I took some strips of silk chiffon and used the embellisher to attach them.This was then stitched with f.m.e.
devo8 I did the same with this next sample leaving the bottom free of any stitching.The top part was lightly embellished to distort the organza ,and some silk tops were added .It was then f.m.e.I liked the effect of the bonded shapes .
The next images show some of the samples layered together to gauge the effects.The first shows the above having had some of the organza cut away in parts.It is laid on to the silk paper sample from a previous post.
 devo10 This shows  the organza samples all placed and layered together against the light.
devo12 The devore sample laid on to the gathered and stitched organza held up to the light.
I seem to be making lots of samples but no progress to the finished article!Perhaps I need some input.


sharon young said...

Lovely samples, particularly the last 3, the Devore layer is beautiful.

JaneO said...

Your transparency samples are excellent, particularly when layered and cut back. Looks to me like you have the techniques sorted just need to plan the overall design.

Max the Lobster said...

I know I had problems deciding on layers. All your samples look wonderful. I think 3 layers might be the limit on certain fabrics so you can still see the lower one. looking forward to where you go with this.