Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Devore and thermofax.

I used the same screen to add devore paste and to screenprint.I did the devore first ,allowing the paste to dry before washing and pressing.I used yellow, blue and green procion thickened with manutex to add the colour.I printed parts of the screen randomly over the fabric adding small amounts of the colour as I didn't want a solid effect.It was then left damp ,wrapped in plastic overnight before washing,drying and pressing.I am so pleased with the effect.I want to use strips of this in the finished piece.


I think I have now got a clearer idea of what I am going to include in the piece.I went out and bought some organza last week so need to make a start.I've been putting it off but really do need to get a grip and get on,it's only when I begin will I see if it's going to work!


Anne B said...

Keeping an eye on you and really liking what you're doing!

Catherine said...


pascale said...

I can only agree with Catherine, the colors are beautiful

sharon young said...

What a lovely effect, looking forward to seeing where you take it.

Jackie said...

This looks lovely . My efforts with devore led to some very useless raggy bits of velvet which eventually disintegrated.
So I stick to what I know and when I come her and see all your sampling with great results I feel like I play it too safe.
Thank for your comment.