Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fairytale snow.

It is still looking like Narnia here .The wrong kind of snow is clinging to the branches and creating some magical pictures.

birch 003

birch 008

birch 002

These are some of the birches on our drive.I love them.

I have seen lots about snow dyeing but never attempted it ,so with all this snow I have given it a go.

birch 011

This is my bucket of snow liberally sprinkled with procion dye powder.I soaked some different fabrics in soda before adding to the bucket .It is taking quite a long time to melt.If it works I’ll post some pictures of the results.


Max the Lobster said...

Hope it works, sounds fascinating. Narnia sounds good too, perhaps we will go through the wardrobe soon!

Fibrenell said...

Love your photos Jen, feel like I'm getting all the benefits without the cold etc etc.
Never tried dyeing with snow - eager to see the results.

sharon young said...

Lovely pics, really give a feeling of fairy tale woodland. Hope the dying works well.