Sunday, January 20, 2013


The snow took a surprisingly long time to melt despite being put next to a radiator.I put the fabrics in a plastic bag overnight then soaked them in salt water for about an hour before rinsing ,drying and ironing.

The photos aren’t that good as the light is awful but they give an idea of the effects.

snowvel chiff cot felt lin mulmul

They were done with silk velvet,silk chiffon,cotton,felt,linen and crinkle cotton.I used procion green,blue and black.I guess that you would need quite a lot of powder to get really deep shades.The silk velvet took the dye well.I put some plastic containers in the bottom of the bucket so that the fabric was held above the melting water.

There is still plenty of snow about so I could try another set of colours,we don’t get it that often!


pascale said...

This looks like an interesting technique. What makes the result so different from the ones you get from "normal" dyeing?

Catherine said...

A great idea to use the snow for dyeing. I have read an article on it but I can't remember which magazine it was in. Oh well, with 24 hours of heavy snow forecast looks like I'll have plenty of time to look for the article and plenty of snow to try it out!

Fibrenell said...

Love the effect, especially the first photo. Have you tried leaving the rock salt in contact with the fabric too as that might give lovely burst patterns?

Anne B said...

Very soft, subtle effects. Might give it a go considering we're knee deep in the stuff - snow that is.

sharon young said...

Love these gorgeous muted colours, the dye looks as if it's taken very well
Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, it's great to be finished :-)