Monday, June 17, 2013


On Saturday I saw the South West Textile Artists exhibition "Suspension"at Bristol Guild.There was a good variety of work, both two and three dimensional.
I also went to see Sophie Ryder at the RWA some  of her work was huge.I loved her wire"drawings" and would have been happy to accommodate some of her smaller sculptures in my garden.I found her conventional drawings less satisfactory,I had a problem with the hands they seemed less well observed.
   I have now finished my pieces based on Slimbridge so they will be off to the framers.I can't work out how to add photos to the blog from my I-pad!


sharon young said...

I use a an app for my blogging on the ipad called DraftCraft or you can use the Blogger app, they'll both let you use images from your Ipad.

Trollman said...

Are you using the blogger app? It's been updated recently and works much better.