Thursday, August 08, 2013


This is my first selection ,cut from my fossil pieces.I choose to colour the middle one,but forgot to take a photo before cutting it up!

This last one I have worked into with Inktense pencils.I do have a few shapes left over but they did not look anything so I left them out.

 We went to visit Highgrove today ,it was very interesting .The garden is divided into different ,intimate spaces and is not at all grand .The house seems fairly modest too.The prices however,are not!


pascale said...

This looks quite promising, Jen. I look forward to seeing how it furhter develops

sharon young said...

Great developments coming on here, I love the colours and textures, and the flow in the last one is superb.

Catherine said...

These look great Jen!

sharon young said...

Hi Jen
Thanks so much for dropping in on my blog, I have to say I'm loving the challenge at the moment.