Saturday, August 17, 2013


At our August meeting Liz brought along the results of her three  day workshop with India Flint.It looked brilliant.www.gordanotextileartists,
 I decided to try it out.I used some Lollo Rosso lettuce leaves from the garden and some seed pods from a shrub with some silk chiffon.It was okay,the lettuce worked best.However,we went to Kew on Thursday and I picked up an assortment of fallen leaves and seed pods .I decided to try again.I used the same fabric and included some dark red heads of chrysanthemums ,past their best,along with a strap like leaf of dark greenand red that came in the bunch with them.
I forgot to take a photo of the before.This shows the bundles after they have been boiling away for a couple of hours.The second photo shows what the plant material is like when the fabric is unwrapped.The fabric is drying so I will take a photo and publish it later.In the meantime pop over to the blog to see Liz's work in progress.

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