Saturday, August 17, 2013


I have just ironed the fabrics and taken photos.I have a piece of cottonI used to wrap in with them too.
This is the lettuce and chrysanthemum.
 You can see the flower shape and yellow middle.
This is the leaves and seeds.
In this you can see the long shapes of the strap-like leaf.
This is the cotton that was wrapped with the silk.
The last one is of all the fabrics together.
The red leaves work best but obviously the yellow tint comes from the green of the leaves included.I think it gives a very delicate ,ethereal quality to the fabrics.I have no idea what they will be used for but another technique to add the repertoire.Thanks Liz!


sharon young said...

Such beautiful muted colours, and a great idea to pick up the windfalls at Kew.

Gordano Textile Artists said...

great results - what a good way to use "goneover" plants!

Catherine said...

Beautiful, delicate colours. Maybe I'll have a walk around my garden ...