Monday, September 09, 2013


I haven't done a great deal this last month with textiles ,seem to have other things going on.However,things tick on in my head.When I have had a spare half hour I have been playing with a fossil and moulding from it.I started with paper towels and tissue ,then moved on to use silk fabric and silk fibres.

These were paper which I added to some muslin.I used watered down PVA glue.
These are a mixture.
I then remembered a bowl made in a workshop a year or so ago ,top left,by wrapping a mould in cling film then pasting small pieces of silk before leaving to dry.I tried it again by wrapping a piece of wood,top right and doing the same thing.I have an idea to do something by layering the fossils to a shape.Ideas just floating around at the moment,the crochet doily has been included as it has a sort of ammonite feel.
In another spare half hour I played with a photo taken in the museum ,turning it to a black and white.I printed it on a laser printer and then made a thermofax screen.I will play with this and print some to see what I can produce.
Time is ticking along and it will soon be time for our exhibition,it would be lovely if any of you can come along.Details below.


sharon young said...

Looks like a great start, I love the shapes of the fossils and the materials you've used.

Jackie said...

This is such a delicate operation! I think you've achieved a wonderful set of 'ingredients for your fossil inspired work. Its so good to be open to different media.