Saturday, October 12, 2013


I seem to be taking a long time to do much.I have been busy with the exhibition,spending  a lot of time there last week helping to hang the exhibits.I was stewarding on Monday and took this along to work on.It is a print from the thermofax  screen I made.It was done as a try out on an off cut of some silk but I decided to work some hand stitch into it.
I shall probably regret it as it is going to be difficult to do anything with.I do like it though and it has given me ideas to go forward.
This arrived today ,sorry it's sideways ,and it's already given me more ideas.


Heather said...

I like the look of Jean Draper's book and love your stitched piece. Even if it doesn't become a piece of work in it's own right, it will have served a purpose in leading to other ideas.

Anne B said...

I really like the fossil/ammonite shapes and stitching. Please do more!