Monday, October 21, 2013

Jae Maries

Our Embroiderer's Guild hosted a talk and workshop with Jae this last weekend.It was very interesting as she seems very relaxed and not at all precious about her work.The workshop was just the same,very easy and not at all pressured.

As a warm up we had to choose two adjectives from a list ,or use our own.We had to cut or tear papers and arrange in a collage.I choose CALM.

    Then Jae set up a still life .We had to choose what interested us and cut or tear shapes.We were told to change scale ,overlap and play around with the shapes.This time we were limited to black,white and a mid tone or two.
 Last of all we had been asked to bring along some images which related .These were torn or cut and matched with fabrics and threads to create a piece of work.
 I took along some fairly run of the mill photos taken on a Cornish beach.I was very pleased with the outcome as my fabrics worked .I usually find I turn up to a workshop and the materials are the ones I should have left behind.This is just very roughly pinned and tacked ,I have to add the stitch.I think that this piece will not end up in the "to finish" pile though!
 The techniques are simple but they do focus the mind,and show what can come from pretty uninspiring photos.


sharon young said...

Looks like you had a great workshop.I love your last piece, the colours are beautiful, looking forward to seeing the addition of stitch.

Catherine said...

Sounds like a fascinating workshop - and great to have a new design tool to use in future.