Thursday, January 02, 2014

Not just ammonites.

        I continue to play with ideas .I bought some .2 mm knitting wire and used it to crochet some spiral shapes.I made it up as I went along.The top of the photo shows one of the wire pieces stitched to silk with a soft silk thread.I think the smaller shapes could dangle to weight the piece I have in mind.The ladder -like piece was made by threading bugle beads onto the wire then creating a chain stitch spacing them as I progressed.I then made a chain on the other side to join them.This was  then stitched into a spiral on the silk before adding more stitching(top left of photo)


          I   intend making pieces not just inspired by ammonites.This shows a drawing done at the museum and some sampling of ways to interpret in stitch.I poked holes in the piece on the left and buttonhole stitched around the edge before attaching shiny thread to the underside to criss cross the gap.I did a similar treatment on the facing page but did not make holes in the fabric.Instead I gathered it and used a fine thread to criss cross the surface.

        This was made by wrapping a paper straw then coiling and stitching as I coiled to make the seed pod shape.The insert was some linen threads bunched then buttonhole stitched .


sharon young said...

I love the direction you're going in here, the wire lace is so delicate, I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this.

pascale said...

I especially love the pod, Jen. what a clever idea. All the best for 2014