Saturday, February 01, 2014


I want to include some areas of lace like fabric in my eventual piece.To this end I used some aquabond dissolvable fabric.
I used sari ribbon to "draw" spiral shapes and then added some thread spirals before free machine and hand stitch.I also beaded some areas with bugle beads.I finally washed it out this week but am not sure it achieves the look I want It is too stiff.It might need more washing out ,perhaps there is still too much adhesive left.
I want it to drape softly and this doesn't.While tidying some things I came upon a piece of Lutradur and had a "lightbulb " moment.Why not try that instead?
I did the same as the first sample but have so far only machine stitched.I wasn't sure the heat tool would destroy the stitching but it didn't .This might be the solution, I also have a roll of it so would not have to buy Aquabond ,which is very pricey.
The other piece could be developed into a stand alone.I am working on these for an exhibition in October of this year in Sidcot school.

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Catherine said...

I love both of these!