Sunday, March 23, 2014

It keeps on coming.....

Fossil are continuing to keep me going.I was given some paper yarn,so I took up my needles and knitted these shapes below,in the round,like you do with socks.They are loosely based on the sea urchin fossils I saw and drew at the museum.The yarn is quite stiff and not all stretchy and forgiving like wool but it means they hold their shape.I am going to knit more and dip some in paper pulp.

Here they are pictured with a paper pulp dome.I made some sheets of paper and laid them on scrim before leaving it draped over a plastic domed container to dry.I have an idea to add some organza 'flower' shapes to mimic the bumps you see left behind after the spines are gone and add stitch.Hopefully it will develop into a 3-d piece.

This is a one of my drawings scanned into the computer.I may produce a thermofax screen but it will have to be made darker first.

I borrowed Gwen Hedley's 'Drawn to Stitch' and Helen Parrot's 'Mark Making'.They gave me more ideas for developing this theme.I took a viewfinder to my drawings and isolated areas,which I then developed in different media.

They were all taken from the various sea urchin drawings and I think several will lend themselves to stitch.

Finally ,the piece I was hoping to use to hang with my ammonite hanging but it proved too stiff.I have decided to use it as a stand alone and frame it in some way.I have put it on a navy satin type fabric as yet just pinned .

I continue to play around with my original idea.I have bought some acrylic rods to use to hang it .Even though it is March,I know that October and the exhibition will arrive all too quickly.My C&G hanging took me a long time to resolve so I thought I had better start to see if what is in my
head will work in practice.I'll keep you updated.


Josie said...

I always love visiting your blog as not only is the end product always beautiful, I also enjoy seeing how your pieces evolve. Your sketches are a work of art in themselves!

Max the Lobster said...

Some great marks here. Looking forward to the paper pulp on the knitting too

sharon young said...

I love your knitted sculptures, the shapes are superb and the shadows they throw are beautiful. Your mark making in very exciting too, I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take this next.
Thank you so much for your encouraging comment it's always nice to get your input.