Monday, March 31, 2014

What to do

I have been continuing to add to my ammonites and thoughts are now turning to how to resolve the piece.
I have bought some Perspex rods in the hope I can use them to hang the piece from.With this in mind I want to have  lengths of chiffon and attach the patches.I also hope to suspend the wire and paper dipped shapes within the piece.
I tried suspending some sample bits at a window to gauge the effect.It floats in the breeze as I hoped.
Do the patches need to be trimmed to be more rounded ?
I think I will need fishing line for the wire shapes,and then the other consideration is how to finish the edge on the chiffon,it frays and catches in the wire.Trouble is I don't want a solid stitching line .I tried a rolled hem but the thread was too heavy,perhaps I need a fine silk machine thread.Lots still to resolve but I am nearer to the end than the beginning.


Catherine said...

What a beautiful, ethereal effect!

Heather said...

This piece is already looking beautiful. By the time you have resolved all those little issues it will be something really special.

pascale said...

I do love the delicacy of this piece,Jen