Sunday, May 11, 2014

Stroud textiles 2014

Below you will find a selection of photos taken at Stroud International this weekend.These are by Alice Fox -'Tidelines.'She had collected objects on beaches and used them to produce a series of pieces.Some woven,some books,some hangings,some framed.She had rust dyed fabrics,incorporated rusty objects with weave,embossed into paper and used them to print from.The whole exhibition was a delight,very calm with natural,understated colours but such a lot to look at and inspire.

The poems exhibited alongside were written by her partner,and she said he had summed up what she felt about producing this body of work.


pascale said...

Thanks for sharing Jen. You're so spoilt in England with these wonderful exhibitions

Heather said...

What a fascinating body of work. So much to inspire and get the brain working.