Saturday, June 14, 2014

Stitched Textile Artists masterclass.

As I said I had a busy week ,last weekend I went to Ammerdown for Sian's masterclass.Our challenge this time involved a dice,a walk in the grounds and a collection of detritus.

We first were given a magazine page which had to be torn at random,then put into six piles.We had to choose six different drawing implements, then both were numbered one to six.We had to throw the dice to choose a piece of paper,stick down on sheet,throw dice to gauge how many centimeters to stick the next piece and so on to the end.Next the dice was thrown for the implement,we had to join the pieces with a drawn line trying to make links with the paper. mine is above,I dislike it but was told by the others I had to stick it up at home and learn to love it!
The other piece ,in the top photos,shows a walk......I took 5 paces ,looked down to the left and drew what I saw.

Above is the result of the collection of detritus.I picked up several man- made bits.We had to do a similar thing by numbering them and our implements.Sian gave us 30 seconds to draw the objects chosen by dice again.We then had to give ourselves some rules to follow to work into the piece.I turned mine over,cut into six random shapes then threw dice to join together .It was then worked into to with some gesso ,hand stitch and applied ribbon.
The idea was to make us go with what happened rather than planning and staying within our comfort zone.It was along the same lines as the Hilary Beattie workshop.


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pascale said...

This seemed like a lot of fun, Jen. I love the result and also the painted papers you created in the other workshop. Will you come to Summer School this year?