Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Barriers and boundaries.

There will be an exhibition in Ilminster next year with Sian's masterclass group.They have been working on a long running theme and those of us recently joined will make our own work to join in. I had been pondering this for a while and thought about 'deafness' but was not sure how it could be interpreted.I thought about missing words and frequencies but nothing that flowed.Then a member of the other group I belong to gave me lots of suggestions to think about.I began to look at fences and motorway barriers and did very quick drawings as I travelled around.I found the patterns were quite interesting.

A friend also did a workshop with Jilly Morris about marks,she used scratching into surfaces and Quink ink,so I had a play.



I took these along to Ammerdown and Sian suggested I try to replicate the results on fabric,which led to some exciting ideas.


I added some couched threads to fabrics and coloured it.I also took some prints which worked well.

 This one especially.





Before I went I made a book like the one we did at Summer school with Sandra Meech 


And started to work into the pages .They are based on patterns in fences etc.


       Green plastic temporary barrier
          Chain link 


So I have the start of a new project to work alongside my fossil one ,which I need to get myself organised and finish .I think I need to keep a few things on the go so that if I meet a block in one hopefully I can get on with the other!


Kentish Maid said...

This is all looking very exciting , looking forward to seeing it progress.

Catherine said...

Super work and a great project. Hope you turn your talent and imagination to the deafness theme some time as well.

Max the Lobster said...

Looks like you are getting there, some great ideas