Sunday, August 24, 2014


I have done very little just recently ,a little dabble here and there.With the 'Echoes 'exhibition getting ever closer I put my mind to finishing half done pieces.They are now at the framers.

A detail of one using Sea urchin fossils as inspiration.Lots of hand stitching on this one.

 I think I put this one up earlier,ammonite .I used the sticky dissolvable to lay sari ribbon on ,then free machined and hand stitch before adding beads.It was a sample to use in my hanging but proved too stiff,so it's become a stand alone piece.

This has also been used as  a piece,again entirely hand stitch and based on Sea urchin.

My hanging continues to give me headaches.I am trying one last gasp before giving up.I had intended to use the paper and wire ammonites within the hanging but feedback gave me cause to pause.This has kept me indecisive for months,I put the whole thing away and haven't touched it.My group have encouraged me to have one last try to resolve it so it can put in an appearance .With this in mind I sampled ......

Using a soldering iron,


And block printing.

I think the final was the most delicate of the three so yesterday I printed on the background fabric and am now thinking how to put the piece together.If it ever gets put together I'll post some photos.

One thing I have learned is not to ask for feedback if you are sure in your own mind what you intend to do,it messes with your head !


Fibrenell said...

These are all gorgeous, Jenn, especially the first one. I love the white tones and the texture. Definitely keep going and finish. I agree with your comments on feedback. You have to own and defend your work so do what you feel is true to you (if you excuse the Pr Runway language!)

Catherine said...

These are beautiful Jenn. I'm working with ammonite images too, so it really resonates with me. Love the delicacy of your work.

Max the Lobster said...

I agree with you regarding the feedback. You have to be strong but I know from experience its easier to say than do