Thursday, June 26, 2014

Today's indigo.

I wasn't sure if the dye bath would still be okay .I had prepared some fabrics as pictured but added to them ,no pics though.When opened the indigo vat still looked fine so I soaked the fabrics before adding them.It was too problematic to take photos of the process as I went along so it 's just the finished fabrics again.

These were some sari ribbons used to wrap around some of the parcels.They are lovely and usable too.

These were wrapped with plastic grids ,a tube with holes in and some large rubber shapes.The patterns transfer well and look like fences etc.

A plastic grid,polystyrene tube wrapped horizontally and vertically with strong thread,running stitch grid pulled tight to gather .

Random stitching pulled tight,a devil to undo,small plastic shapes included then wrapped. Not sure of others.

Pleated on the diagonal then folded back on itself,straws and buttons folded into fabric,again not sure of darkest sample.

I am very pleased with the range of marks as I will be able to develop Boundaries and Barriers with these.The paler ones were on the heaviest cotton and despite soaking first it resisted all but the outer layers.I wonder if it would be useful to dampen fabric before folding.

The indigo kit is great value,this lot made 5 litres of dye.These fabrics and some my friend took were done with a third of the pack,so plenty more left to play with.The finer silks take the dye and patterns beautifully and would make some lovely scarves.


Catherine said...

These are gorgeous! Art Van Go's indigo dyeing kit is definitely on my wish list now!

Anne B said...

One word. Glorious.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness. These are amazing. I always wonder what I'd do with pieces like these as they are such lovely things in themselves.I'm in awe of all the hard work, but it was worth it.
I just popped in to thank you for your blog comment. We did indeed relax. And I think it improved my memory..I've not been half as 'senior-momen' prone since I got back.