Thursday, April 02, 2015

On Exhibition.

Our exhibition opened on Tuesday at NIA near Twigworth.I shall be posting more over on GTA blogspot.
These are two of my pieces I have there.
This is 'Sedge' based on some photos of beaches.

And this is 'Ebb Tide' again based on some of my photos of beaches.I really must get to grips with taking better photos especially before they are framed.It is something that I keep meaning to do then I forget.I bought some lamps and had the idea of making a light box so that I could eliminate the shadows .Perhaps now it is uppermost in my mind I ought to get the thing made.
Hope you all have a good Easter,looking forward to the weather warming up!


Anne B said...

Tricky but I think Ebbtide is my favourite. Lovely work.

Catherine said...

Lovely work!