Thursday, April 16, 2015

Some bits and pieces.

I have been trying out some ideas which may or may not develop .I have an exhibition with Stitch Textile Artists in Ilminster in July 'On The Edge'.it is to do with barriers and boundaries.I have looked at man made barriers at the edges of properties.This lot of sampling came from looking at patterns within wrought iron gates,railings etc.

This took ages to machine on water soluble backed with net.

I wanted transparent areas,not sure what will come next.

This was a free machine doodle,then I cut through to expose the blue beneath.

Another free machine doodle on organza,I have an idea to burn through areas and create layers .

These may become part of the ongoing theme,Old doors inspired by Italian trips.I love the weathering and shapes found in old architecture .

I have had something playing around since a significant birthday trip to Florence with old school friends.

Wanting to have some stitching to take while stewarding I bondawebbed and stitched some hand dyed muslin to felt,the shapes were taken from photos of doors.I have since been adding more stitch and applying snippets of fabrics.


Catherine said...

What lovely samples. Any one of them could be the jumping off point for some wonderful work.

Anne B said...

Great work - lots of ideas worth pursuing. hope you're well and happy ....

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Lovely detailed work.