Sunday, May 10, 2015

Stitch textile artist weekend.

We were preparing for our exhibition in Ilminster during the weekend.My pieces had sat since our November weekend as I was not sure how to progress.I had thought to use canvases but could not find the sizes  needed so thought about stretchers and doing it myself.Varous ideas came up but the one I liked was mounting them on fence wire ,as they are about barriers and boundaries. A trip out to the local hardware store furnished me with said mesh and wire cutters and I spent some time cutting and stitching.They are not yet completely finished but at least I know where I am going

  This one is almost there,I have to add some stitch to the orange flash on the left and turn back the dangles on the right.Then a little tweaking to the edges will just about do it.


This one is just laid on the wire at the moment.I have cut the mesh into three pieces and they need to be wired together before I stitch the piece to it.Once that is done I will have to attach the fishing line I will use to hang it.I hope it will go smoothly, then I can put them aside until July.


Anne B said...

Ooh. Interesting. hope all's well with you.

Jane O'Leary said...

Inspired way to display them - looking good.